As Simplex Health continues to grow and evolve, we’re seeking like-minded partners to support our mission to reverse and prevent chronic disease: for good.

The Simplex Health Difference

Our unique therapies target insulin resistance so that no chronic health conditions are off the table. We also believe you can’t AI your way to behavior change. That’s why our innovative tech is enhanced by human connection. 

Registered Dietitians
Health Coaches
Work alongside Patient’s Physicians
In-Person and Virtual Approach
Chronic Disease Reversal
Primary Therapy Insulin-focused therapies specialized by condition Eat less, exercise more Eat less, exercise more via remote monitoring Keto
Number of Treatable Conditions >10 1 5 1

* insurance coverage for Livongo and Virta available through employer-sponsored health plans


No one has targeted insulin resistance…until now.

At least one in two Americans have insulin resistance, the main driver of most chronic diseases today.

Next-gen technology platform build generating near term revenue.

Proprietary, insurance-funded medical nutrition therapies driving positive clinical outcomes at scale.

Treatments addressing the shift from conventional to integrative medicine in a value-based care model.

Allied health partner with nationally recognized healthcare systems.

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